September Update

Once again, time has crept up on me and rather than get regular updates out, I’ve blown off 6 months worth! Then again, it’s been a pretty hairy 6 months.

As pretty much everybody knows, COVID-19 has spread worldwide and left a ton of chaos in its wake. I had some plans set up for this year (menial job hunting, home maintenance, junk cleaning, etc.) that got pushed by the wayside due to how things turned out. In particular, job hunting has been very difficult due to everyone’s insistence on using phones for interviews, which makes it almost impossible for me to get my foot in the door. This is compounded by the general state of the economy, which doesn’t leave much room. In light of all this, I tried to focus on writing and drawing, and hopefully before long I’ll have another novel published. Small victories!

Another anniversary is creeping up on me, this time the start date of working for Club Fed. I’ll make a separate post on that date and detail a bit more about how that whole ordeal worked out. I’ll only say that the past decade has certainly gone through many twists and turns that I never would’ve predicted back then — or cared to.

As I am writing this on the last 30 minutes of this month (my time), I’ll end it here and promise to come back later.

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