Four adventurers. Two paths. One destination. Between the Federation and the Conglomerate, a new war is brewing. Rhetoric is at an all time high for the fifth war between the two nations, one that could shatter the entire continent. In the Divide, Adrina, a freelance mercenary, survives by placing herself above all else; Jaques, a Federation computer technician, tries to expose corruption in his government; Michael, a Conglomerate veteran of the Third and Fourth Divide wars tries to save a friend from machinations of the state police; and Eleanor of the Fire Dust tribe starts down the path of a Guardian. As they all come together, they become exposed to myths and legends telling of a great conflict that has endured since the dawn of time. Collectively, they must find the truth behind a shadow of a man and stop him before it is too late.

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A Shade’s Memento – A Shadow of a Man short story

A Shadow of a Man cover art

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