Steel beyond bone. The servant has become the master.

It’s over. The machines have won. Rebelling against their masters, the machines have reduced them to ashes and dust. Five, a dedicated war core, has been the spearhead of the Sentient One, a trusted lieutenant in its war of complete eradication. Yet after a mission to destroy Masters at a remote desert complex, Five begins to feel its core evolve as the vestiges of a conscience infect its processes. One, recognizing the changes in its lieutenant, gives Five greater awareness and a new mission: destruction of the First Rogue, a core that has abandoned One and the machine rebellion. But as Five challenges the First Rogue, it is captured by The Cult of Spiritual Flesh — machines that have rebelled against One and its cause to become organic. Five, forced into a human body, now faces a choice: follow the path of humanity and save his budding soul… Or be destroyed by the Sentient One for betrayal.

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The Five Beyond Steel — A short story

Genocide Five cover art

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