Estelle Beausoleil is a simple person: she lives in a mansion with her sister, Perrine, their servant Tereza, their friend Ediva, her son Henri, and their guard Kira. She spends her days reading and tending a meticulous garden while looking after her son. It is a peaceful life, except for one problem: she and her sister are vampires. Her servant is an immortal. Her friend is a powerful witch. And their guard is a dragon. Out of all her mansion, only Henri is a normal human being. Yet even behind him lies a terrible secret, one which Estelle struggles to breach to Henri. Each year, she attempts to find a way to tell him why she takes a single white rose to the woods on the day of his birth, and each year she pushes it away once more. As Henri ages into adulthood, Estelle must find the courage to tell him who he is and where he came from before she loses him forever — and damns what remains of her soul.

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The Vampire’s Lullaby – A short story

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