In war, there are no rules: Kill or be killed.

Mercenaries: individuals who take part in conflict in return for personal profit. For Ronald Green, profit alone isn’t enough: his vision is to create solutions, whether through military force or peaceful means. But in the cutthroat world of mercenaries, finding ways to make his business successful while maintaining moral and ethical ideals is far more difficult than he imagined. Collecting a ragtag group of experienced and green pilots, he navigates the treacherous business of war to forge a reputation of trust and distinguish his brand in the world. But with a world engulfed in conflict, maintaining ethics and morality to build trustful relationships is nigh impossible when death is one stray bullet, one lucky missile, or one angry client away. Ronald Green’s lofty ideals will inevitably clash with reality as he attempts to succeed in a bloodthirsty world where the value of life is reduced to mere dollars. In the business of war, success is measured by profit, and failure by death.

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The Art of the Arms Deal — A Green’s Dragons short story

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