Zippy “Zips” McZooms, intergalactic garbage scow op- er, captain! Keeping the Core Verses clean, Zippy works as a unionized employee for the Intergalactic Unionized Alliance, “captain” of the IUA TR-4SH Scoupedia and its autonomous autopilot, Edia. Dutifully working (within Union regulations, of course) to maintain his daily refuse quota (and not a percent more), Zippy strives to maintain his “exemplary” cleaning record, ensuring that Edia doesn’t malfunction in the conduct of their mission. But when Edia plots a route to an abandoned Wormgate to search for refuse, they stumble across an ancient find that is seemingly a giant cereal bowl. Never missing a chance to collect more refuse, Zippy orders the object to be collected for recycling, but in doing so triggers off an archeological expedition that could shake the core of the Core Verses. Zippy soon finds himself in a battle of wits to prove the truth behind object and write his name in the annals of history!

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Zippy McZooms and the Intergalactic Cereal Bowl cover art

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